Hello World was the begining, oh so long ago!

3 Oct

I should surely have written a blog by now, I fell deeply into the IT pool before Windows had windows and my love of the printed word began when I was still learning to walk and computers read punched cards.


And it’s not like I tend to keep my opinions locked away (much as my friends could hope) I just never stopped long enough to check with the rest of the world and ask if anyone agrees with me. Now I have so much to share that’s good: take the perfect day pictured above as a starting point.

So, just like that first Basic command line in evening classes, I greet the world outside and once again hope there is somebody there to hear me. I will split this into two obvious columns whenever possible keeping the life reports on the right and the screaming rant on the left.

Bear in mind this is my first post on this software too so there is plenty of room for error . . .


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