One week ends and another looms . . .

7 Oct

Sunday. Sunday! Sunday!! Didn’t I once love Sundays? How does everyone else cope with such a let down day? I work my way through each week and fulfil my housekeeping promises on Saturday so Sunday can be a day of rest but it is not. Sunday is the home-improvement day from hell. Sunday is the “paint the bathroom” day: the “fit the curtains in the nursery” day; “Are we having lunch today?” day. Sunday is the day that begins with all the promises of Spring and ends with the gloom of deepest winter simply because I spend the daylight hours painting, building, cleaning, cooking and rushing to that wonderful point when I can relax for the weekend but that’s Sunday evening which means it’s as good as Monday morning.

There’s no time, no time between now and all the stuff I promised to do Monday morning. I’ve taken time from a busy afternoon just to complain here about that time I don’t have. The moment the baby wakes I must return to curtain hanging but for now the drill is too loud and I can rest, perhaps a short snooze . . . . I can always write this later when I can say what I wanted to say about the lunatics driving on the roads, sorry I mean the lunatics trying to kill me every day on the roads. I can describe the week I had which seems so long ago now because I’m already turning into next week. And I see last week fading already just the way it always does, what happened last week?

Last week was filled with rushing. I rushed each day to my BM’s so I could help her do some things. I rushed back each day to collect my undoubtedly better half from her office (because I was using her car) and I rushed to hospital appointments on two of those days. A big chunk of a hundred miles each way means the little fella has to sleep his way around the 25 twice a day. Of course, having slept so much gives him the energy to scream the hours away while I attempt to do stuff.

The funny part is: I learned a few years ago how precious is our time and I refuse to rush my way through life. I am now a stroll carefree through life guy and I’m determined to apply the brakes but it is too late because the weekend is almost gone and I had no time to rest. Oh well, maybe next week . . .


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